Emilia A Walls is the Founder and Designer of I Love Four Seasons.

I have successfully completed a course at the London Academy in Personal Styling and Design and was awarded a Diploma at the Foundation Academy of Media Films and TV in 2009.

I Love For Seasons is the luxury British and internationally based brand for outstanding evening wear and red-carpet gowns with that extra element of sparkle.

Emilia A Walls is the founder and design of I love four seasons with almost 25 years experience creating exclusive and elegant evening gowns for special occasions in Europe and the UK. Passion, knowledge and experience in the fashion industry have provided her with the self-confidence and the essential skills to sustain this business in London, aiming to impress the fashion capital with high-quality evening wear.

The elegant and beautifully fashioned evening gowns by Amelia A Walls fuse Eastern and western elements. Her designs illustrated understanding of beauty and passion for femininity and personality, offering style for every woman in the world.

Skilled pattern makers, seamstresses and developers work daily to make each gown unique and each is constructed by hand from scratch using high-quality expensive fabrics and sewn with extreme attention to details by the most experienced and talented seamstresses.

The I Love Four Seasons Vision:

Concept: Be amazing! Feel amazing! Be unique and feel special! Let your wild, classy side be expressed by wearing these outfits at special occasions, red carpet events and romantic cocktail evenings.

I like to bend the rules when it comes to style, design and colour combinations. Colour is the most important part of my design process and styling –  all just going round in circles, reinterpreting and referencing everything that has come before, like from the 60s, 70s and 90s..  But the idea is of clashing accessories with colour, design and hair style so that it looks beautiful and feels original to me. It’s kind of like how a painter might approach and artwork… it sounds so pretentious but that is how I develop my love and relationship to my designs and styles at I LOVE FOUR SEASONS.